You know you’re from Buffalo when…

You know you’re from Buffalo when…

1) Carbonated beverages are called “Pop” – not ‘soda’, not ‘soft drink’, not ‘Coke’ or ‘Sprite’… just “Pop”.


2) You get irrationally angry when you are anywhere other than Buffalo and you see “Buffalo” wings on the menu or anything with “Buffalo” sauce on it, because you know they are doing it wrong.  You also have an opinion on whether Duff’s or the Anchor Bar serve the best wings in Buffalo.

                                   IMAGE_187 anchor_bar_home_o_galleryfull

3) You know what loganberry, Bison dip, and kimmelweck rolls (beef on weck) are, and where to get them.


4) You would never dream of going to a Taco Bell.


5) You’ve been to one of the Seven Wonders of the World (aka Niagara Falls) at least 8 times.  (And it hurts you to admit that the Canadian side is more poppin’.)


6) You basically consider yourself to have dual-citizenship between the US and Canada (but you probably like the Canadian border patrol a lot more than the US border patrol).  You also think it’s weird that people who aren’t from Buffalo don’t know that the Canadian national anthem begins “O Canada!  Our home and native land…”.


7) You don’t expect to get a snow day, even when a blizzard dumps 3 feet overnight.  What you really hope for is a storm that causes power outages or for the thermometer to dip below negative 20 degrees (F), because that’s the only way you’re getting a day off of school.  Lake Effect snow ain’t no thang to Buffalonians.  Drive on.


8) When people ask you what there is to do in Buffalo, you have to try to make your movie theaters, bowling alleys, and malls sound really interesting.  You do have Wegmans though!


9) You recognize that if you go into downtown Buffalo on any given night, your chances of seeing pedestrians on 95% of the streets are .0009%.


10) You know that if you can survive a Buffalo winter, you can survive pretty much anything – so you take pride in being a true Buffalonian.