The Ten Songs you NEED on Your Epic Party Playlist

The top ten songs to get any party going (… or your workday… or shower… or… like… life):

1) “Beggin For Thread” by Banks.  This is my latest obsession and is absolutely brill.  It only released a few days ago and the music vid literally JUST dropped.  Just… thank me later:

2) “#STUPiDFACEDD” by Wallpaper.  An obligatory college-style drinking song, which is hilariously great:

3) “5 Hours” by Deorro.  Straight up fist-pumping beats to get you amped up to toss back a round of shots and try to out-do one another with your best awkward dance moves:

4) “Too Fucked Up to Call” by 2am Club.  I met these guys in a hallway after a show they played at college and my friend asked “where are you guys out of?” (which was easily the coolest thing that could have possibly come out of her mouth and we were so proud of it after)… but anyway, they are a fun time.  And so is this new song of theirs, which is conveniently about drinking:

5) “Doses & Mimosas” by Cherub.  If you have a pulse, chances are you know this song already.  But it cannot be left off of the epic party playlist, so I am including it anyway.  And if you do not know it, dear god, listen now:

6) “Overdose” by Little Daylight.  These guys are my 100% favorite new band – and I managed to see them front row for my birthday a month or so ago:

7) “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)” by John Kegend ft. Ludacris.  Throw this baby on towards the end of the playlist for that moment that you are on a balcony and there are strings of lights draped everywhere and the only other light is coming from the stars and you are sipping something classy as fuck, but not too showy… like a gin and tonic.

8) “Cut Your Teeth” by Kyla La Grange.  If it were possible to die by way of music, this is the song I would pick.  It’s slow and brooding and then when that beat drops and you get dat subwoofer rocking it is orgasmic.  Plus, could Kyla BE more attractive?!  (I’ll warn you right now that she had an English accent on top of everything else.. so the answer is resoundingly no, she could not.)

9) “XXX 88” by MØ ft. Diplo.  This was probably one of my best music finds ever – I discovered it about a year ago and she’s just now getting popular and that makes me cool, right?  Right?!

10)  “Next Year” by RAC.  The perfect way to end a perfect night:

But wait.  I just discovered you can add polls.  SO – WHICH SONG DID YOU LIKE BEST?!?!


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